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When you subscribe to weekly coffee deliveries from StoneHouse Coffee Beans you are taking the hassle out of purchasing the freshest hand roasted coffee. No need to re-order and the best bit is you save money! Who doesn’t love to save money?



Click one of the subscription links that

best suits your needs and simply fill in

the payment details. You’ll receive your

weekly coffee order every Friday until

you tell us otherwise.

The Benefits


– Less than the weekly cost of high street coffee

– Hassle free order process

– We start with Grade 1 Arabica Sidama raw beans 

– Hand roasted to order

– Shipped 1 day after roasting for maximum freshness 

– Different grinds available

– UK shipping included in subscription price

Change or Cancel Anytime!


Simply cancel your current subscription using the unsubscribe link and either re-subscribe for a different quantity or simply do nothing if you don’t want to receive StoneHouse coffee anymore. We will be sad to see you go but please know you are welcome back anytime.

Which Subscription Is Right For Me? 


Depending on the brew methods you use, the 200g subscription is suitable for 1-2 people drinking approx 1-3 large cups each per day. The 400g subscription is recommended for 2-4 people drinking approx 1-3 cups per day, depending on the brew methods you choose. 

400g freshly roasted coffee weekly – £19.20 inc UK delivery


200g freshly roasted coffee weekly – £9.95 inc UK delivery




Please drop us an email : stonehousecoffeeroaster@gmail.com to discuss a custom subscription package that suits your needs. If you are outside the UK ask us about setting up an international subscription for you. Anything is possible!

After 10+ years of Nespresso I never thought I’d be converted to anything else but you succeeded Ben Stone. The added advantage of cutting out so much milk in lattes is a bonus! 😍👏👏🙌

Linda Liles